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Sony Xperia & Ericsson UK Only

Sony Xperia & Ericsson UK Only

$ 35.37


This service can unlock all Sony Ericsson / Xperia  models locked to UK networks ONLY

(DOES NOT SUPPORT TELCEL MEXICO: No refunds if ordered).

Please make sure your phone is not hard locked! Refund will not be provided on hard locked devices. (instructions are below to check unlock attempts)

Processing time: 3-7 days. Please do not order if you can wait. We are not able to cancel order.

How to enter code: Please use the NCK Code (network) once code returns.

If you submit order by Monday morning 8AM CST USA Time, the unlock order will be be ready for Tuesday-Wednesday delivery of same week.

You can check lock counter as follows:

To check in Xperia X10 which simlock is in, please do:

1. Start up the phone and press the Menu key ( ) and Back key ( ) as follows:
2. Pressing Key Sequences: Menu Back Back Menu Back Menu Menu Back
Note: Please make sure the phone have SIMLOCK when pressing these keys to get into the Service menu.
Also You can check there is counter of wrong code is blocked.

New models (use these instructions):

Press *#*#7378423#*#* and access the service menu, You will see a menu like the one below

Network [x]10
Network Subset 0
Service Provider 0
Corporate 0
Sim 0

There should be an "X" before Network and the counter should show above 0 (zero). If your counter doesn't show an "X" or shows 0 (zero) this means your phone is hard locked and it can't be unlocked by a code. In that case DO NOT purchase the service. We will not refund hardlocked phones. 

Some of the best selling Sony models we were able to obtain codes for:

Sony Xperia Z - Also known as Sony Xperia C6603, Sony Xperia C6602, Sony Xperia Z LTE
Sony Xperia TX - Also known as Sony LT29i
Sony Xperia GO - Also known as Xperia advance, Sony ST27i, Sony ST27a
Sony Xperia ION - Also known as Xperia ion LTE lt28i
Sony Xperia U - Previously known as Sony Ericsson ST25i
Sony Xperia P - Previously known as Sony LT22i Nypon
Sony Xperia S - Also known as Sony Ericsson Xperia Nozomi, Sony Ericsson Arc HD
Sony Xperia TL - Also known as Sony Xperia TL LT30at

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